How would you like me to hold you by the hand as you...
Create and complete ALL your marketing videos in Only 5 Days!
Focused on sales and storytelling strategies to guide you to know what to say, help you be comfortable on camera, and lay the groundwork for effective growth and influence!"
Next Challenge Starting on April 22, 2019
You will immediately get access to the workbook and pre-training to be 100% prepared when challenge officially begins!
Do YOU want...
The No. 1 competitive advantage
with your marketing...
Would controlling, owning, and using more-engaged traffic help grow your business?

How about building a loyal, connected audience and customer community?

Do you often get overwhelmed just thinking about creating videos, let along how to produce a final piece of content you like and gets real results?

If this sounds like you then you're going to love the Video StorySelling Challenge that'll change your video marketing and help you focus on growing your impact with STORY!
I'm Dallin Nead and this is my personal invite for you to join The Video StorySelling Challenge!

If what you've seen so far resonates with you then I get the feeling that you have a DREAM to grow your business so you can increase your impact - and of course make it rain along the way!

Your STORY and OFFERS are meant to be heard and the only way you can achieve the attention for growth is by using content.
Content is currency in online business and video is your golden ticket!
Let's be honest, there are a few things getting in your way of getting results with video...
Which Is Why I Created this experience for you!
All Influencers, expert entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who command the attention in their industries online have one thing in common...

They all use video marketing to publish their stories (with a behind the scenes strategy)!

After years of developing, produce, and distributing videos for industry leading CEOs to startups and newbies I've discovered a lot of what works (and of course what does not).

It wasn't until I applied the StorySelling Framework For Video, and for positioning experts and influencers, that I figured out the more focus we put on personal and customer storytelling the better we'd connect and comfortably create loyal customers!

High-level influencers and business leaders pay me thousands for me to privately share and execute on my strategies.

I wanted to create a quick solution to get you started on the journey of growth and influence done by so many incredible experts out there - so I created this challenge for YOU!
In 5 days you'll have all your marketing 
videos done for the next month!
Here's how it works... each day for the next 5 days I'll send you a quick instruction video and message to complete 1 step of the challenge to get you results.
This Approach Does Not Work For Everyone
This is not like other courses about how to film videos...Instead, we're going to leverage the most competitive advantage you have in your marketing - STORY.
We will customize your quick launch StorySelling Strategy into 4 phases:
Identify and organize your video strategy and list, guided by Purpose, Platform, People, Stories, and Hooks.
Setup and film all videos with support and best practices for equipment, lighting, audio, design, and more.
Workflow, Video Editing, and Video Repurposing guidance for less overwhelm and confusion with video processes.
Processes and instruction for file management, scheduling, publishing tools, and focus on engagement/results.
So let me ask you...
Do YOU want a profitable, streamlined, and easy to follow framework to remove all the headache out of video creation so you can use story to connect and convert audiences without paying thousands for strategy and services?
Here's What You'll Get With The

5 Day Launch Roadmap Masterclass

You'll get daily quick training videos and workbooks that show you exactly how to get strategic storyselling videos one so you're not left in the dark of the how-to again! >> $197 Value

Comprehensive Content Workbook

I literally walk you through each day's task and strategies through provided worksheets, in support of the instruction video, in order to guide you on what to plan, film, create, and more! >> $29 Value

Support Community

A private and collaborative community where you can ask questions, get feedback, share ideas, and more. >> Priceless

Content Maximize and Scale Training

This is an exclusive training just for this challenge where I guide you on the next steps to scale the use of your storyselling marketing videos so you're leveraging them for maximum impact and results. >> $297 Value
And that's not all...There are also discounts available for our...
Strategy Sessions
We use story-driven content to help you get results. Click below to book your discovery call and create a detailed roadmap and strategy for using our StorySelling Framework to take your influential business to the next level.
$997 Value
Agency Services
Increase your traffic, leads, and sales with the StorySelling Content Plan for entrepreneurs. Using video, audio, and more, we position you as an influencer and thought leader to grow your business and bring in new customers on auto-pilot!
$5,000+ Value
Coaching Programs
Detailed video lessons, worksheets, templates, case studies, coaching and so much more to get you and your team setup with content strategies, video editing, marketing, podcasting, and other storytelling strategies that sell your offers.
$2,997 Value
Here are some results from clients 
using our full framework and services
This challenge includes only some of the core framework features.
"I worked with Dallin on my batch video recording and I can't recommend him enough. He was professional, innovative and a pleasure to work with. The final product was amazing and it's obvious as soon as you start working with Dallin how much thought, care and innovation goes into his work."
Emily Hirsh
Marketing Strategist, Hirsh Marketing
"I was having a hard time putting together my story to engage my audience. Dallin lead me in the right direction and gave me a framework of how to structure my story so it was exactly what I needed in order to share with my audience for the most amazing opportunity to share exactly what my audience needed with them and to bring myself in the way that I wanted to bring to them."
Heather Remec
Marketing Expert, Sales Song Agency
"I asked him to shoot my story and help me put together a brand story that would resonate with my audience. It worked so well I ended up featured on Forbes. It’s gotten thousands and thousands of views and I use that video all the time now in my marketing. And since that time with that story video."
Julie Stoian
VP of Marketing, Clickfunnels
VP of Marketing, ClickFunnels 
& Founder of Create Your Laptop Life
  • BUSINESS: Grew from 1.3 million in total revenue to over a million in just profit in 1 year with our traffic strategy and story-driven content.
  • VIDEO: Grew Facebook followers qualified fans from 4,000 to 10,000+ in less than year.
  •  PODCAST: 20,000 downloads in 25 episodes in less than 6 months.
  •  MAIL: Grew from 8,000 to over 21,000 qualified leads.
All because she implemented the key strategies from StorySelling Framework. 
Julie Stoian needed an authentic and effective way to use her origin story to sell her transformative product, Create Your Laptop Life. Dallin and Content Supply didn't stop there and produced a video show, podcast, funnel videos, ad campaigns, and more.
Julie’s results aren’t unique. It’s a proven framework that works like clockwork.

But what is unique is her story! Once she leveraged her story and matched the right content and offers to it then her business grew! Both in sales and influence.
You too can make this same success happen by following the same step-by-step process.
Video StorySelling Challenge By Dallin Nead
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